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What You’ll Learn Inside
This Credit Repair Ebook...
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  • Credit Mastery Mindset.
  • ​Credit Monitoring Strategies.
  • ​The importance of your credit score & credit profile.
  • ​Co-Signing strategies.
  • ​How to deal with collection agents.
  • ​How to remove inquiries and collections
  • ​Credit Cards Mastery.
  • ​How to dispute negative items on your credit report
  • ​How to read your credit report
  • ​How to Deal with student loans.
  • ​How to build credit and more.

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This Ebook is amazing!! I was able to remove all of my negative records and I have only been applying these methods for 6 1/2 weeks. It’s an easy process as long as you follow the direction. Before The Credit Sorcerer’s DIY Ebook I couldn’t get a credit card, now I can.

Michelle, Las Vegas NV

I raised my scores up 63 points in 60 days. I was able to get this Wells Fargo account in the amount of $11,000 removed from my report. I am now able to now which actions are necessary to get errors fixed and how to improve my FICO Scores.

Jason, Salt Lake City, UT, Las Vegas NV

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  • ​Credit Loans
  • ​Auto Loans
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